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Lisa Hall and Chad Hall sit together on a high end couch in the reception area of their receiving warehouse

About Us

Family owned and locally owned

We treat our clients and their items like we'd like to be treated.

Meet the Team


Lisa Hall, Owner

Lisa is the Owner of Hallmark Receiving, a business she founded with her husband Chad. Between the two businesses, they share an office, warehouse space, and even their clients. They began their personal relationship in 1994. and established their professional relationship in 2017 when Lisa got involved full-time to open Hallmark Receiving. 


Lisa began her career at The Martin Agency and became VP of their brand division. She started her own agency, Brandevotion, and later served as Director of Account Management, Marketing & Sales Support for a global optimization technology company servicing the airline industry. 

From these experiences, Lisa has a knack for problem solving. Having worked with many visual designers and marketers in her previous roles, she understands how designers think and what's important to them. For interior designers, she understands how the role of a receiver plays into a project's success. 

On a daily basis, Lisa manages all the moving parts and pieces that make up a successful install. ​


Chad Hall, Owner

Chad has been in the design industry for his entire career. He co-owns Hallmark Receiving with his wife, Lisa, but spends most of his time working in the sister business, Hallmark Rugs. He established Hallmark Rugs in 2008. 

Chad has worked in the rug industry since 1994, after graduating high school. He comes from a long line of carpet installers. Chad attributes his start in the business to his grandfather, Harry Rosson and uncle, Wayne Rosson. Early on, Chad learned first­hand how to best serve the design community.

With over 27 years of hands on experience, Chad has become very well respected in his field and is know for his attention to detail, eye for design elements and ability to work with high end goods.


The Hallmark Receiving Team

Every day our team works hard to ensure our clients' installs run smoothly. Our dedicated staff are trained to handle items with the utmost care and attention. In our Hallmark Receiving uniforms and gloves, our team always arrives onsite with a can-do attitude and a service oriented attitude. 


Our team is trained to identify potential manufacturer flaws and/or damage incurred during shipping. And, we notify you with pictures and a description of any issues discovered. 

We always make sure the client is number one.

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